Diabetic shoes

Manage your diabetes and protect your joints

Protect your body and reduce your unpleasant symptoms with products that provide support and reduce discomfort.


Black knee support

Protect your feet from the effects of diabetes

If you suffer from diabetes your feet may be at serious risk. Pressure can lead to sores which can become ulcerated, potentially causing serious infections and even the need for amputation.

Diabetic shoes relieve the pressure on your feet and protect them from these sores, reducing the risk of serious harm.

Look to us for a range of styles and designs to meet the needs of your feet, including:

  • Apex
  • Pedor
  • Acor Comfort Street
  • Acor Spring Street
  • Inserts

Support and protect your joints

Injury or weakness to the joints can lead to pain, discomfort and challenges to mobility. Adequate support and stabilization protect your joints from further damage and reduce your discomfort so you can enjoy greater mobility.

  • Hand orthosis
  • Finger extenders
  • Elbow orthosis
  • Knee orthosis
  • and more!

Let us help you choose a splint or brace that will help your injury or weakness or provide support during your favorite hobby or activity.

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